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mystaff covers all aspects of Human Resources required by any organization. It is parameterized to accommodate labor and social insurance laws of any country. The company structure and specific policies and procedures can be easily mapped in the system.

The system covers full processes of e-recruitment from online vacancy posting to hiring personnel with full employee profile, leaves and documents, payroll and end of service. Additionally, it includes full training, appraisals and staff development modules.

  • Cloud based system with monthly subscriptions
  • Subscription covers cloud hosting, maintenance and support
  • Integration with any bio-metric device
  • Multi-level document workflows
  • Bilingual Interface (English and Arabic)
  • Extensive dashboards & reporting (in both languages)
  • Multi-level access to the system and powerful central security control


Organization Structure

Organization Structure Module provides a complete hierarchical setup of any organization. The department Structure, Grades, Employment Types, and Positions (Designations) can be set up with multiple parameters in Organization Structure.

The Organization Structure also provides the functionality of creating a full position structure with parameters for grades and steps, job description, and job criteria.

Organization Structure Functionalities:
  • Department Structure
  • Employment Types
  • Grades Structure
  • Titles & Positions Structure


The Recruitment With Online Portal covers the complete hiring cycle from opening vacancies to hiring the right candidates. Potential candidates can apply online on the Careers portal of the company against the available vacancies or can just submit their CVs in the CV Banks for any future positions.

The HR Department has total control over the recruitment process. Separate recruitment processes can be setup for every position. System provides the functionality of online recruitment exams and interviews with simple setup and efficient control.

Recruitment with Online Portal Functionalities:
  • CV Bank
  • Vacancy Posting Online
  • Vacancy Requisition
  • Multi-step Recruitment Process
  • Dashboards, Inquiries & Reporting

Personnel Administration

The Personnel Administration Module maintains and manages all information you need to keep about your employees in the employees’ database, reducing paper files in your office considerably and saving up storage space. All this information can be retrieved through user friendly reports and searches.

The Personnel Administration Module keeps employees’ personal data such as CVs, personal information, family information, qualification details with scanned copies of certificates etc.

Personnel Administration Functionalities:
  • Employee Summary
  • Personal Details
  • Address
  • Family Information
  • Education Details
  • Dashboards, Inquiries & Reporting

Document Management

The Document Management Module records and maintains all employee related documents whether personal or official. These Documents could be identification like Passport, ID Card etc. or Employment Contracts and Letters issued to the Employees from the Human Resource Department.

The Document Management Module records each document with the issue and expiry date based on which system can send alerts for expiry and renewal of these documents. The frequency and interval of sending alerts by email can also be setup in system.

Document Management Functionalities:
  • Identification Documents
  • Contracts
  • Letters to Employees
  • Documents Archiving
  • Self-services
  • Dashboards, Inquiries & Reporting

Leave Management

The Leave Management Module manages the complete leave history of employees for all types of leaves such as, annual leave, sick leave, emergency leave, training leave, etc. Employees can apply for leaves using self-services and with the ability to track the leave application in the system workflow.

The Leave Management Module maps all the leaves as per the labor law of any country in the system; with specific policies for each leave type. The Leave Settlement can also be prepared with accurate calculations for leave salary and any other benefits.

Leave Management Functionalities:
  • Leave History
  • Leave Self-services
  • Leave Extension/Cut
  • Leave Cancellation
  • Leave Settlement
  • Dashboards, Inquiries & Reporting

Payroll Management

The Payroll Management Module makes your payroll processing easy and accurate. The user can create customized payroll templates and define pay slips and its contents. Thereby the user gets absolute control on the entire process, which ensures the accuracy of the calculations.

This module allows setting up many payroll templates in multi currencies and many payroll generations. Batch processing facilities take away the tedium of individual postings, and the workflow system ensures data authenticity and integrity at all times.

Payroll Management Functionalities:
  • Payroll Policies & Laws
  • Other Payments & Deductions
  • Accrual Calculation
  • Bank Transfer
  • Payroll Sub-ledger
  • Dashboards, Inquiries & Reporting

Employee Loans Management

The Loans Module helps you manage all aspects of employee loans. The system facilitates the user to define loan granting criteria such as the length of service required, maximum amount, recovery period etc. The approval process will pass through the workflow and once the loan is granted, all necessary accounting entries will be passed by the system.

Also, the Loans Module takes care of the monthly loan recovery, and maintains up-to-date loan accounts for each employee.

Loans Module Functionalities:
  • Loans Setup
  • Loan Approval Procedure
  • Loan Recovery Procedure
  • Loan Statements
  • Loan Sub-ledger
  • Dashboards, Inquiries & Reporting

Training Management

The Training Management Module will help your company to manage the training needs of your employees. It actually creates a development plan for each and every employee, taking into consideration their present level of skills and the future demands. The system stores all the information regarding the training needs, institutes, courses and the trainers.

The Training Management Module system is fully parameterized, you can map your company’s unique needs into the system. Also, it helps you match the courses with the requirements and to monitor the progress individually and in groups.

Training Management Functionalities:
  • Training Structure
  • Course Structure
  • Training Self-services
  • Training Management
  • Training Evaluation
  • Dashboards, Inquiries & Reporting

Appraisals Management

The Appraisals Module lets you design your own appraisal forms, for each category, with the criteria. The evaluation forms will move from desk to desk based on the workflow. Any type of Appraisal can be mapped in system like 360 Degree, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Based, Objective Based, etc.

The Appraisals Module system compiles the final score based on the formula given by the user and generates Performance Appraisal Reports for each and every employee.

Appraisals Module Functionalities:
  • Customized Appraisal Forms
  • Appraisal Workflow
  • Appraisal Process
  • Final Score Compilation
  • Dashboards, Inquiries & Reporting

Employee Self Services (ESS)

With Employee Self Services (ESS), employees have the flexibility to perform many tasks and actions that usually consume a great deal of the HR department's time. They are also granted access to all their HR-related information, such as personal information, documents, family, leave balances and pay-slips.

The Employee Self Services (ESS) comes with in-built multi-level workflow which gives total control on all self-service applications. Self Services are available for all modules of Mallats HRM.

ESS Functionalities:
  • Employee Dashbaord
  • Employee Directory
  • Company Notice Board & Calendar
  • Leave Applications
  • Letters Requests
  • Loan Requests
  • Training Requests

Mobile App

Wolke mobile app available on Android and iOS platforms works seamlessly with all Wolke modules. Users not only have complete self-services at their fingertips but also all functions of the system are available.

Mobile app also includes general organization level features like Company Noticeboard, Announcements & Circulars along with Company Calendar.

Mobile App Functionalities:
  • All Self-services
  • Inbox/Outbox for Workflow Approvals
  • Events/Circulars/News
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Attendance File
  • Planner
  • All Functionalities of mystaff and mytime
$0 / Month

  • Employees
  • Bi-lingual Interface (English & Arabic)
  • Organization Structure
  • Employee Onbording
  • Personnel Administration
  • Document Management 
  • Leaves Management
  • Payroll Management 
  • Attendance Management 
* One-Time Setup Fee : BHD1
$0 / Month

  • Employees
  • LITE Package +
  • Multi-level Workflow
  • Mobile App
  • CV Bank
  • Recruitment Portal
  • Appraisals
  • -
  • -
* One-Time Setup Fee : BHD1
$0 / Month

  • Employees
  • PROFESSIONAL Package +
  • Advance Recruitment
  • Loans
  • Training Management
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
* One-Time Setup Fee : BHD1

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