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myschool is an inclusive management system covering the whole needs of schools and school groups, right from the start without the need for complicated integrations. As standard, it is offered with robust completely managed cloud hosting, or as an option, on-premises installation.

Unique communication and workflow tools keep staff, parents and pupils connected in a trackable way. Engage enables the nurturing of the whole child with dynamic reporting, custom dashboards and a range of visualization options for valuable knowledge and insights.

Fully integrated admissions and comprehensive financial management take care of the commercial health of your school, all based on our more than 20 years of knowledge of independent and international schools.


Small Enterprise

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    One-Time Setup Fee : BHD1
  • myschool
  • mypurchase
  • myledger
  • myinventory
  • myassets
Medium Enterprise

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    One-Time Setup Fee : BHD1
  • LITE Package +
  • mycrm
  • -
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Large Enterprise

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    One-Time Setup Fee : BHD1
  • PROFESSIONAL Package +
  • mystaff
  • mytime
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