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mycharity is a full-fledged cloud-based business software suite that covers all aspects of charitable or non-profit organizations. It is a multi-company, multi-branch and multi-location system. It manages both donors and needy with proper back office accounting.

mycharity is multi-currency software at the commitment level and at the settlement level. It has in-built limit authorization and workflow approval processes. The drills down facilities are incorporated in the system at all levels. The inquiries and reporting capabilities ease the job and give a competitive edge to the users and to the organization.


Small Enterprise

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    One-Time Setup Fee : BHD1
  • mycharity
  • mypurchase
  • myledger
  • myinventory
  • myassets
Medium Enterprise

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    One-Time Setup Fee : BHD1
  • LITE Package +
  • mycrm
  • mytime
  • -
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Large Enterprise

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    One-Time Setup Fee : BHD1
  • PROFESSIONAL Package +
  • mystaff
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