mytime is a software designed to manage employees’ time in, time out according to their defined shifts, and managers can take actions for their staff being late-in, early out, on break, overtime or absent. mytime provides its users with its own state-of-the-art time attendance devices through which employees attendance can be monitored using swipe cards or fingerprints and reports can be generated for any day, any period through which every single detail of the company’s employee time and attendance may be traced. Below is an outline of the main system functions:

  • Late In Monitoring
  • Break Monitoring (leave during working hours)
  • Early Out Monitoring
  • Absence Monitoring
  • Overtime Calculations

In addition there are many other business solutions of Wolke business suite that can be incorporated with mytime as an optional add-on:

  • myaccount
  • mystaff
  • mysales
  • mypurchase
  • myassets
  • myledger
  • myinventory



mytime’s Attendance Management module provides the functionalities of creating and maintaining employee schedules as well as the functionality of taking actions on the employee’s attendance exceptions.


mytime has full-fledged employee scheduling feature where multiple employee schedules can be defined for any period of time. Scheduling is capable of handling the following:

  • 24 Hours Shift Schedules
  • Public Holidays
  • Leaves
  • Employee Shift Calendar

Browser Based Online Decision Making

mytime offers the exceptional functionality to the line managers to take required actions on his/her department employee’s attendance exceptions. Actions can be taken on following:

  • Late In
  • Early Out
  • Breaks
  • Absence
  • Overtime

mytime offers a comprehensive Swipe Management module where users can manage all employee swipes data (In and Out) with ease. mytime provides the flexibility to input swipes manually as well. Users can also re-process the swipes data as and when required. The processed swipes can also be edited based on the user authorization..

Swipe Input

mytime allows the users to input the time in and out of employees manually in case of any issues with the electronic swipes. Swipes can be entered in the system directly and can be processed as usual. The following are the salient features:

  • Input employee swipes by date
  • Input multiple swipes for any day
  • Input distinct swipes for In and Out

Swipe Processing

mytime allows processing of data on daily basis or for a number of days at the same time. The data processed can be verified in the attendance reports and inquiries. mytime also allows to roll back the processed dates if required. The following are the salient features:

  • Daily Auto Processing
  • Multi Day Processing
  • Roll back the processed data
  • Edit Processed Data

mytime offers comprehensive attendance inquiry and reports module. Users can inquire the attendance of employees based on the user authorization. Further classification is available for Late In, Early Out, Breaks, Absence and Overtime. The following are the salient features of this module:

  • 25 plus pre-designed reports
  • Filter by Date, Employee or Department
  • PDF, Excel or HTML formats
  • Attendance Inquiries in PDF

Shifts Setup

mytime allows users to create all kinds of shifts possible. mytimecan also handle graveyard shifts (night shifts) with ease and efficiency. The following can be done using Shift Setup:

  • Unlimited Shifts
  • Night Shifts
  • 24/7 Shifts
  • Grace periods for Late In, Early Out and Overtime
  • Multiple Overtime Types
  • Group Shifts

Security & User Authorizations

mytime provides a user defined framework regulating the setup and control of mytime system in a very user-friendly and totally parameterized way. Features available are:

  • User defined access for menus and reports
  • Modular authorizations
  • Read/Edit/Delete Authorizations
  • Integration with Windows Active Directory available
  • Audit Trail
  • Change Password
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