mysales is one of the software module offered by wolke business suite, which covers your complete trading cycle from managing multi-currency quotations, customer orders, delivery of goods, invoicing customer against delivery or direct invoicing and ensuring collections are recorded and settlements are updated.

  • Quotation Management
  • Order Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Invoice Management (Direct / against Delivery)
  • Settlement & Collection Management
  • Cash Memo Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales Reporting & Inquiry Management

In addition there are many other business solutions of wolke business suite that can be incorporated with mysales as an optional add-on:

  • myaccount
  • mystaff
  • mypurchase
  • myassets
  • mytime
  • myledger
  • myinventory



mysales covers the full sales cycle starting from quotations till payments, and/or direct sales as cash memos. It has a built-in workflow process and a full limit-authorization control. Discount limits can be controlled; by customer, by item, by salesman or the combination of all. Inventory is directly updated upon any task or any operation made.

Quotations Management

mysales allows unlimited quotations to be processed for each customer. General quotations can also be produced. Inventory items and service items can be added in one quotation. Inventory items can be reserved against a quotation and auto cancellation of quotation upon quotation expiry is possible.

Orders Management

Orders can be taken directly to mysales. It also allows converting many quotations into one order. Inventory items can be reserved against an order. Advance payments can be booked for an order.

Delivery Management

Deliveries can be processed against cash memos or against an order. Auto generation of deliveries can be done based on expected delivery dates. Auto invoicing is possible along with delivery if the customer setup is auto invoicing. Inventory control and availability are linked to production of the deliveries.

Invoicing Management (Direct/ Against Delivery)

mysales has three types of invoicing: general, against service and against delivery. It allows discounts and has full security limits control, i.e. by salesman, by item or by combination of all.

Settlement & Collection Management

mysales has two types of settlement for an invoice. These types are Receipt or Debit Note. The receipt has two types: general or against invoice.

Cash Memo Management

mysales has a module for direct cash sales. Items can be directly supplied or delivered by a delivery note on a later date. The cash memo can be against inventory items or service items.

mysales is a full-fledged Electronic Enterprise Resource Planning Management software that covers all aspects of trading organizations. It is a multi-Company, multi-Branch and multi-Location system. It has unlimited segments of inventory, unlimited segments of stores, locations, and shelves.

mysales is a multi-currency software on the commitment level and the settlement level. It has in-built limit authorization and workflow approval processes. The drill down facilities are incorporated and the inquiries and the reporting capability ease the job, and give a competitive edge to the organization.

Customers’ Profile Management

The system has a full-fledged customer profile and sub-ledger that can be accessed internally through the Intranet, or externally through the Internet. Emails, document management and many other features to control and manage your vendors are incorporated. mysales makes your vendor a part of your own organization.

Main Features of mysales

  • Multi-company
  • Multi-branch
  • Multi-profit center and cost center
  • Multi-currency
  • Unlimited stores/locations/shelves
  • Unlimited inventory segments
  • Full workflow authorization
  • Discount limitations
  • Auto link with Inventory

In mysales many financial, management and statistical report and inquiries can be printed or viewed. All the reports and inquiries have a parameterized window where the user can pass the required parameters to produce the result of his/her choice.

Customers’ Profile Management

mysales powerful inquiry and report generation features provide an effective tool for your sales management and data analysis. Several inquiry features are available in order to retrieve all the information needed for efficient sales management, such as drill-down orders for a thorough search by quotation or order ID, receipts inquiry in order to have an overview of all payments received, an aging drill-down in order to see all amounts due from debtors, by profit center and by debtor drilling down to individual invoice details, GL account inquiry to view selected accounting entries generated by transactions in mysales module, and inventory movements inquiry to look at all inventory movements by item. In addition, all tables provide filtering and sorting facilities.

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