myledger is one of the software module offered by Wolke business suite which streamlines book-keeping and efficiently handles financial reporting. myledger is a full-fledged Activity-Based Cost (ABC) accounting system that allows multi profit-center and multi-cost center to be setup, and can be used in multi-currency. Upon posting a journal entry in myledger the Income Statement, Statement of Financial Position and Trial Balance is automatically updated.

  • Journal Vouchers
  • Pre-Set Vouchers
  • Customer/Vendors pre-set vouchers
  • Auto-generation Vouchers
  • Financial Statements
  • Customer/Vendor Sub-ledger
  • Financial Reporting & Inquiry

In addition there are many other business solutions of wolke business suite that can be incorporated with myledger as an optional add-on:

  • myaccount
  • mystaff
  • mysales
  • mypurchase
  • myassets
  • mytime
  • myinventory



myledger allows you to post multi-currency transactions in the system and obtain financial reports based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS’s).

Journal Vouchers

Through the Journal Vouchers, entries are directly posted to the general ledger or sub-Ledger. Entries can be posted to profit centers, cost centers, accounts, and customer/vendors.

Pre-set Vouchers

Through the Pre-Set Vouchers entries can be pre-defined and prepared then posted to the General Ledger whenever required.

Customers/vendors pre-set vouchers

Through the customer/vendors pre-set vouchers, entries are pre-defined for each customer or vendor with value date of execution to be posted to General Ledger.

Auto-generation Vouchers

Through the Auto-Generation Voucher, entries can to be set to be posted on a periodical basis.

Financial Statements

myledger has Financial Reporting system to produce all the financial reports based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) that fall in five major categories namely Statement of Financial Position, Income Statement Reports, Trial Balance Reports, Statement of Accounts and Comparison reports.

Customer/Vendor sub-ledger

Insurance and Inspection details can be stored within myassets. Expiry warnings will be sent directly to the email accounts of the staff concerned. Insured value will be recorded with the details of the insurance company. Scanned copies of all relevant documents are also stored in the system.

Assets Tracking

myledger has full-fledged in-built vendor/customer profiles linked to its sub-ledger. E-mails, document management, log on through the Internet etc., are built-in features of that sub-ledger.

The many features that seperates myledger from the rest of the systems in the market are:

  • Allows unlimited chart of accounts setup and unlimited accounts setup
  • Multi-currency Journal vouchers
  • Reports in pdf. excel and html format
  • Drill-down facility for every transaction
  • Attachments along with each transaction

Budgeting & Forecast

myledger can provide you with a budgetary system that allows active and/or reporting budget. The budget can be set at any level; account, profit center or/and cost center level.

Accounts Reconciliation

myledger can provide you with accounts reconciliation to carry out bank reconciliations where you relate the General Ledger Account to the counter party account for auto-reconciliation.

The myledger will allow you to view details of each transaction posted in the system:

  • Statement of Financial Position for any specific period or comparison over the years
  • Income Statement for any specific period or comparison over the years
  • Trial Balance for any specific period and accumulated figures for the year
  • Actual vs. Budgeted Expenditure
  • Statement of vendors/customers by account, activity or analysis or a combination of all these
  • Extensive filter facilities are available to generate reports based on your business needs

Whenever needed, an online context sensitive help system pops up to assist and guide you through all the procedures. Our manuals provide extensive and comprehensive details to your staff so they can derive the full potential and beneficial features of myledger

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