myinventory is one of the software module offered by wolke business suite designed to enable businesses to effectively manage their organization’s’ inventory or non-inventory items in multistores and multi-showrooms, whether that inventory is for internal use or resale. 

It is a robust multi-costing (FIFO, Average Stock, LIFO) inventory system that can simplify your multi-currency inventory transactions to provide you online real-time data of inventory levels in stores. Some of the functionalities include recording delivery of inventory in stores, managing any returns and direct additions or deductions from inventory etc. The system can hold a detailed master file for each inventory item (item name, serial number, item code brand name, re-order level, lead time, quantity etc), unlimited locations or shelves in stores and multi-storage packaging. A print-out feature is available for printing all types of inventory reports.

Main functionalities:

  • Direct Addition/ Deduction Management
  • Store to Store Transfer Management
  • Inventory Master Management
  • Delivery Notes Management
  • Inventory Sub-Ledger
  • Inventory Reporting & Inquiry Management


In addition there are many other business solutions of the wolke business suite that can be incorporated with myinventory as an optional add-on:

  • myaccount
  • mystaff
  • mysales
  • mypurchase
  • myassets
  • mytime
  • myledger



Direct Addition/Deduction Management

Direct addition due to cash purchase or due to any other transactions or physical count can be recorded in any store and in any location in myinventory. Also, Direct deduction for company use or for any project or due to physical count can be done with a blink of an eye.


Store to store Transfer Management

All Departmental requests whether to be routed to the store or to purchase order can be processed through the Departmental Request module of mypurchase. All authorizations required and workflow level approval can be built in with ease till the request form reaches its destination.

Inventory Master Management

Inventory master maintains all the information related to each item of the inventory; be it the code, the country of origin, the stores, the costing method, the storage and sales pack, the features etc.

Delivery Notes Management

Inventory Delivery Notes can be produced directly from myinventory. Any returns can be recorded in the myinventory module.

Inventory sub-ledger

myinventory system has an in-built sub-ledger that maintains all the financial transactions. All financial reports related to the inventory can be produced for any defined period.

Reporting & Inquiries

myinventory has financial, management and statistical reporting and inquiry facility to produce reports. All the reports and inquiries have a parameterized window where the user can pass the required, to produce the result of his/her choice.


  • Allows unlimited stores and unlimited locations
  • Unlimited Inventory masterfile
  • Reports in pdf. excel and html format
  • Drill-down facility for every transaction
  • Attachments along with each transaction

myinventory reporting provides you with powerful reports to help you organize your inventory. Reports include:

  • Stock transfer Reports
  • Inventory in transit
  • Inventory Location and quantities
  • Inventory adjustments such as additions/deductions
  • Sales Deliveries Reports
  • Masterfile of Inventory providing details of inventory, quantity, location, shelf , re-order level etc.

Whenever needed, an online context sensitive help system pops up to assist and guide you through all the procedures. Our manuals provide extensive and comprehensive details to your staff so they can derive the full potential and beneficial features of Inventory system.

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