mypurchase is one of the software module offered by wolke business suite which is designed to cover your entire supply chain and procurement process by managing expenditure in multi-currencies, streamlining departmental or divisional requests, recording quotations, managing tendering processes and purchase orders, documenting delivery notes and invoices, tracking payable aging and cash disbursements through multiple bank accounts.

  • Departmental Request Management
  • Vendor Request for Quotation Management
  • Tendering Management
  • Purchase Order Management (Inventory/Non Inventory Items)
  • Delivery Note Management
  • Invoice Management (Direct and against Deliveries)
  • Payment Management (cheque / transfer / a/c to a/c)
  • Vendor Relationship Management (VRM)
  • Procurement Reporting & Inquiry Management

In addition there are many other business solutions of the wolke business suite that can be incorporated with mypurchase as an optional add-on:

  • myaccount
  • mystaff
  • mysales
  • myassets
  • mytime
  • myledger
  • myinventory



mypurchase is a totally document-driven purchases and accounts payable management software with full-fledged multi-level workflow and multi-level authorization limits. It is a true electronic paperless system from the departmental request till final payment.

Departmental Requests

All Departmental requests whether to be routed to the store or to purchase order can be processed through the Departmental Request module of mypurchase. All authorizations required and workflow level approval can be built in with ease till the request form reaches its destination.

Vendor Request for Quotation

The request for quotation can be generated to the registered vendors who sell the requested products and any extra vendors can be added, either upon receiving the Departmental Requests or directly. Vendors’ price lists can be viewed if provided.

Purchase Order (Inventory/Non Inventory Items)

mypurchase allows direct issue of purchase orders or through Vendor Request for Quotation. The Purchase order is controlled through the workflow and through the authorizations limit.

Delivery Notes Management

All Deliveries received can be confirmed against the original purchase orders. All accounting entries, financial obligations and budget reservation and release are considered during posting.

Invoices Management (Direct and against Deliveries)

Direct invoices such as electricity bills or telephone bills, or indirect purchases which are against deliveries can be posted. Budget control is verified and scanned copies of the original documents can be attached.

Payment Management (cheque / transfer / account to account)

Direct payments or payments against invoices can be made. An Invoice due-for-Payment alert is a built-in feature in mypurchase. All types of payments such as cheque, transfer, a/c to a/c etc are available.

Payables Reporting & Inquiry System

Document printing upon task completion. Managerial, operational reports and inquiries for every process. Drill down facilities to the lowest transaction processed by mypurchase. Simply it is your tool to make a decision.

mypurchase module will produce all necessary documents and display all its contents as per your preferences and parameter setup.

mypurchase being fully multi-currency means that you can input your purchases in any currency and the system will handle all necessary conversions at the time of posting.

Vendors Profile Management &Vendor sub-ledger

The system has a full-fledged vendor profile and sub-ledger that can be accessed internally customer through the Intranet or externally through the Internet. Emails, document management and many other features to control and manage your vendors are incorporated. mypurchase makes your vendor a part of your own organization.

Main Features of mypurchase

  • Manages all the purchases and payment functionalities
  • Multi-currencies payable
  • Unlimited workflow levels and user authorization limits
  • Linked to the budget at all levels, i.e. account profit center level, cost centre level or the combination of all
  • Original Document Management
  • Exchange with Microsoft Excel and Word

mypurchase will let you view all its entries made in detail for inquiries and data analysis:

  • Request, Quotation, Purchase Order, Delivery, Stock, Returns
  • Invoice Register with a drill-down facility to status and payment details
  • Payment Voucher Register (this allows the follow-up of outstanding amounts, or to view future disbursements for cash flow management)
  • Cheques Register
  • Creditors' Aging Table

Full mypurchase transactions and payments history is also available in a more sophisticated format in the report generation.

Whenever needed, an online context sensitive help system pops up to assist and guide you through all the procedures. Our manuals provide extensive and comprehensive details to your staff so they can derive the full potential and beneficial features of mypurchase.

The sort/filter facility on any field and the drilling down to original order line, payment allocation, and delivery status will give you the database image that you need at any time.

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